Tecnopol and Sustainable Construction


According to the report, 'Emissions from Building and Infrastructure Consumption', published by C40 Cities, Arup and the University of Leeds, the construction industry could reduce emissions in a 44% by 2050, and for this reason six key areas are carried through reduce the climate impact of construction in cities.

However, from Tecnopol we have been working on different aspects for some time now. The company manages the waste internally, by separating recyclable materials, the need for water during the manufacturing processes is minimal, and the water needed is reused through a closed circuit.

But where our commitment to make construction more sustainable globally can really be seen is in the achieved characteristics in two of our main products, Tecnofoam and Tecnocoat:

In conclusion, it is rewarding to create sustainable products; we all need to check I which areas and aspects we can improve and adapt us to reduce the climate impact of construction.

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