Envase Setipol


Single-component, aliphatic, waterproofing acrylic resin

Waterproofing and elastic coating based on polymer resins and pigments, forming a completely bonded sheet on the support without joints or overlaps.



Waterproofing acrylic paint for these uses:

  • roofs, terraces, balconies, etc ...
  • protection and coating of the polyurethane foam TECNOFOAM from the UV rays and other climatological agents

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other supports or situations

density  1,40 ± 0,05 g/cm³ 
recommended consumption ± 2 kg/m² (0,92 mm thickness)
tack-free time ±1 hour
tensile strength  > 0,5 MPa
elongation  >200 %
dilution water
application method by brush, roll or “airless” equipment

TDS. Technical Data sheet(PDF)

Technical guidelines


  • High elasticity of the product, more than 200%.
  • Great grip and adaptability. By presenting themselves as a paste-fluid, it adapts to all surfaces with ease of application in corners and inaccessible areas. The perfect adhesion on the substrate does not allow the flow of water below the waterproofing, in case of this,  breakage of the coating could appear.
  • Advantages to the continuous sheets.
  • Allows the formation of a seamless continuous sheet across the surface, avoiding possible errors in the welds.
  • Do not apply at temperatures below 5 ºC, or in rainy weather. Nor are applied to surfaces above 45 °C.


  • It can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray.
  • Support properly clean (dust, moss, grease, ...), it must be dry.
  • Ensure there are no detached surface parts that should be removed.
  • On tile and concrete shall be based on applying the first layer of product diluted with 15% water to increase the penetration and adherence of the same.
  • Apply the first coat, with a consumption of about 0.750 kg/m², impregnating a glass fiber reinforcement and let dry.
  • Apply a second layer with an approximate consumption of  0,750~1 kg/m². Final consumption should be 2 kg/m² so necessary another application.


Product yield is ±  2 kg/m² with a thickness of 1.5 mm, applied in one or various coats, depending on the application method and conditions.


Metal tins of 25 kg.


12 months at temperatures between 5°C and 35°C, provided it is stored in a dry place.


These safety recommendations for handling, are necessary for the implementation process as well before and after installation in exposure to the loading machinery.

  • Respiratory Protection: When handling or spraying use an air-purifying respirator.
  • Skin protection: Use rubber gloves, remove immediately after contamination. Wear clean body-covering. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after work and before eating, drinking, or smoking.
  • Eye / Face: Wear safety goggles to prevent splashing and exposure to particles in the air.
  • Waste: Waste generation should be avoided or minimized. Incinerate under controlled conditions in accordance with local laws and national regulations.

Anyway, consult the material and safety data sheet of the product (MSDS)




Density     ISO 1675

1,40 ± 0,05 g/cm³ 

Viscosity      ISO 2555

27.000 ~ 35.000 cps

Solid contents


VOC(volatile organic compounds) 0

Elongation    ISO 527-3


Tensile strength  ISO 527-3

>0,5 MPa

Tack free time 2~4  hours

Temperature resistance service

-20~90 ºC

Application temperature

5~45 ºC

Aspect Thixotropic and colored liquid

Results were performed in the laboratory at 23ºC and 50% RH, under controllable conditions. These values may vary depending on the application, climatology, or substrate conditions.