DESMOPOL DW, the definitive solution to water leaks in your pool.


Swimming pools are a great investment and a source of fun and relaxation all year round. However, over time, the pool can become structurally flawed and its finish damaged, which can lead to water leaks and other problems. In these cases, it is important to carry out repairs to prevent water leaks and keep the pool in good condition.

An effective solution for both the construction and repair of swimming pools is the use of DESMOPOL DW liquid polyurethane membrane for total waterproofing in combination with TECNOTOP 2CP aliphatic finish.

 Piscinas Tecnopol

DESMOPOL DW two-component liquid polyurethane membrane is a highly resistant waterproofing material that adheres to any type of surface, including concrete, mortar, ceramic and other building materials. This material is easy to apply even on vertical surfaces and is ideal for preventing water leaks.

To repair or construct a swimming pool with DESMOPOL DW liquid polyurethane membrane, several important steps must be followed. First, the pool surface must be prepared by removing all traces of dirt, grease, oil and other contaminants. The surface must be completely dry and free of any moisture.


A primer coat from our PRIMER range is then applied to ensure proper adhesion of the liquid membrane. After application of the primer, DESMOPOL DW is applied with a trowel or short nap roller to ensure even distribution of the product. Once dry it is important to test for leaks to ensure there are no leaks. If leaks are detected, additional layers of liquid membrane can be applied to the affected areas.

Once the DESMOPOL DW liquid polyurethane membrane has been applied to the walls and floor of the pool, it is important to apply a high quality finish to ensure resistance to sun and chlorinated water. In this respect, the TECNOTOP 2CP top coat is an excellent choice to provide additional protection to the pool structure.

TECNOTOP 2CP is a two-component finish coat that offers excellent resistance to weathering, chemicals used in pool maintenance and abrasion. This coating is applied over the DESMOPOL DW liquid polyurethane membrane in several layers, with a total thickness of between 300 and 500 microns, depending on the size and shape of the pool.

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The TECNOTOP 2CP top coat is fade and fade resistant, which means that the appearance of the pool will be maintained for many years. In addition, this coating offers excellent adhesion to the pool surface, ensuring long-lasting protection and resistance to chlorinated water.

In conclusion, repairing swimming pools with DESMOPOL DW liquid polyurethane membrane and finishing with TECNOTOP 2CP is an excellent option for guaranteeing the durability and protection of the pool structure as well as giving a modern, coloured aesthetic finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The use of these materials offers excellent resistance to water, sun and chemicals used in pool maintenance, which means that the pool will remain in excellent condition for many years. In addition, the application of these materials is quick and easy, saving time and costs in the pool repair process.