Introducing TECNOFOAM G-2008 PLUS

A low density water-based polyurethane insulation for thermal insulation in buildings and industry.

TECNOFOAM G-2008 PLUS is water-based, one of the main advantages of water-based polyurethane foam is that it is safer and more environmentally friendly than traditional polyurethane foams.
 Because it does not contain volatile chemicals, it does not emit toxic gases and does not require special safety measures during application. In addition, water-based polyurethane foam has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It is very efficient in reducing noise and heat transmission, and helps to improve comfort in the home.
On the other hand, low-density polyurethane insulation is an increasingly popular option for improving the energy efficiency of homes and has many advantages, such as its high thermal insulation capacity. 
This type of insulation has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient, which means that it prevents heat from seeping through the walls. This can help to significantly reduce heating and cooling costs and improve comfort in the home.
Foam developed for thermal insulation and acoustic conditioning of residential buildings. Suitable for walls and under decks. Provides maximum coverage of wooden structures and beams. In addition, TECNOFOAM G-2008 PLUS is very light and easy to install. 

Another advantage of TECNOFOAM G-2008 PLUS low density polyurethane insulation is that it is very efficient from an environmental point of view.

 It does not contain CFCs and HCFCs, chemical compounds that are harmful to the environment. For this reason, it is also recommended for sustainable construction projects. In summary, TECNOFOAM G-2008 PLUS is an excellent option for improving the energy efficiency of homes. It is easy to install, has excellent thermal insulation capacity and is environmentally friendly. 

Its higher energy efficiency and greater durability make its use profitable in the short and long term.

Applied density                    ± 8 kg/m³
Thermal conductivity           0,038 W/m·K
Cream time                            2~6 segundos
Gel time                                 6~10 segundos
Drying time to touch           10~14 segundos
Reaction to fire                    Euroclase E
Closed cell content             <20% (CCC1)
Method of application         Equipo dispensador