Tecnoband 100


Geotextile reinforcement band

A transversely deformable adhesive band, formed of a viscous-elastic layer coated on a nonwoven mesh. The nonwoven element allows adaptation to the support of the band and is highly recommended for specific applications of polyurea membranes Tecnocoat.

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  • Use this product to protect Tecnocoat systems on joints areas (concrete elements), metallic overlappings
  • Nonwoven support for adaptation to the shape of the support and is highly recommended for liquid polyurethane applications and polyurea membranes Tecnocoat.

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other supports or situations

thickness ± 0.9 mm
pelage at  90 º on steel MEL 052 > 4 N/cm
shock action at -30 ºC D 42 1313 No detachment 
application temperature  + 5 ºC < Tº < + 40 ºC
service temperature - 30 ºC < Tº < + 90 ºC



  • Fiber nature: polyester 100%
  • Mass per ² D 45 1012: 30 g /m²
  • Breaking strength Slitting: 120 N/5cm
  • Perpendicular Court: 12 N/5 cm


  • Stability ponderable (% loss) NF P 85-515: <1%
  • Resistance to flow of butyl at 5 ° C ISO 7390: <3 mm
  • Resistance to flow of butyl at 70 ° C ISO 7390: <3 mm


  • Thickness: 0.9 mm
  • Coat on steel at 90 ° MEL 052:> 4 N / cm
  • Crashworthiness at -30 ° CD 42 1313: It is clear
  • Spill hot (Perforated Plate Method) D 45 5256: No spills
  • Application temperature: + 5ºC to 40ºC
  • Temperature: - 30ºC to 90ºC


Boxes of 8 rolls;15 m. each roll.


Store between 5 ºC and 30 ° C and protect from heat. The product will keep 12 months under these conditions and in original packaging.


  • The substrate must be clean, dry, and free of dust and grease or incompatible with the sealant materials (asphalt, tar, etc.).
  • Check the consistency of putty with the media in terms of adhesion and chemical controlling the temperature of product use.
  • In the case that the support is porous, fragile, or unreliable, it is convenient to use the primer PRIMER EPw-1070.
  • Separating the protective position of the product on one of the elements preventing the formation of air pockets.
  • Submit and click on the product, compressing it to ensure good tightness and adhesion. When the product has to overlap, respecting a security length of 5 cm.
  • Non-woven support can be painted, however, these paints must be compatible with the chemical nature of the latter.
  • The product is sensitive to solvents.