Industrial and commercial areas

The TECNOFLOOR continuous flooring range for industrial and commercial use is made up of products specifically designed for the technical and legal requirements of each sector.

Depending on the characteristics of each individual project, TECNOFLOOR products can be applied using various systems: paint, multicoat, multicoat plus and self levelling.

Pavimentos industriales

TECNOFLOOR allows the construction of floorings highly resistant to chemical products and extreme temperatures which are also hard wearing and resistant to abrasion. The floor surfaces will also be free from joins making them easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. TECNOFLOOR industrial floorings can also be produced with an anti-slip finish in accordance with CTE SUA 1, Class 3 UNE ENV 12633:2003.

TECNOFLOOR holds a number of certifications:

  • Contact with food products
  • Contact with drinking water
  • Contact with ethanol (EN 1186)
  • Protection and repair for concrete surfaces (EN 1504.2)

TECNOFLOOR floorings offer an attractive finish, which can be produced in any colour and will maintain its look over a long period of time. These properties make it ideal for use in commercial premises and areas open to visitors.

Primer Pu-3010
Aromatic, single component polyurethane solvent based resin

TECNOFLOOR PU-3010 is a pigmented, glossy and fluid coating, based on polyurethane for concrete floor coating. We offer this aromatic single component polyurethane resin indicated for floor finishing.

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tecnofloor tw-3040
Two-component, aromatic, epoxy water based resin for flooring

Pigmented and fluid coating, epoxy water based on medium chemical and mechanical resistance, presented in two-component, Indicated as finishing in industrial floors and road tracks.

It has water potable contact certification, and alimentary contact certification (EN 1186-1:2002, EN 1186-3:2002, EN1186-14:2003 ), and the European certification for protection of a structural concrete ( EN1504-2:2005).

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tecnofloor pu-3060
Two-component, aromatic, 100% solids, polyurethane resin for flooring

TECNOFLOOR PU-3060 is a pigmented, bright and fluid coating. This product is 100% solids polyurethane based, it has a chemical and mechanical resistance. We offer this two-component aromatic resin indicated as floors finishing.

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tecnofloor t-3020
Two-component, aromatic, 100% solids epoxy resin for flooring

TECNOFLOOR T-3020, is a two-component fluid pigmented coating, 100% epoxy solid based; high chemical and mechanical resistance of concrete pavement coating; suitable for floor finishing. It is applied manually, using a roller or brush.

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100% pure polyurea membrane for waterproofing and coating

The 100% pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 has been developed as a sprayable and aromatic coating, suitable for waterproofing, protection, and sealing. It is made up of two high reactive liquid components, isocyanates and amines, which once mixed form an aromatic, continuous, seamless, high density, solid and elastic pure polyurea membrane. It has CE marking on the basis of a statement made DoP Declaration of Performance (DoP) conforms to the UE 305/2011 regulation.

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Tecnotop S-3000
Two component, hi-tech colored, cold polyurea based resin for high quality coatings

TECNOTOP S-3000 is a two component, fluid, aliphatic and pigmented coating; with high mechanical resistance, flexibility; cold application by a roll. Suitable for pavement and floor finishing (suitable for low external temperatures).

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