Tecnopol Academy

A specialized training center to provide the knowledge and support needed to maintain professional excellence

Tecnopol Academy is a reality and from the company's new corporate building, classroom and distance courses will be offered for all those interested in advancing and deepening in the professional and avant-garde world of waterproofing of any type of roof, building, infrastructure or existing space, whether interior or exterior, on the surface. There is a new world of waterproofing to know, share and apply.

Tecnopol Academy - Formación

At Tecnopol we are convinced that the evolution of companies is closely linked to the continuous training of their staff, through knowledge of the use and application of new construction systems, and of the tools, machines and techniques necessary for the correct performance of new challenges, which must serve to place them at the forefront of the sector and on the path to growth. 

Liquid waterproofing systems have evolved a great deal in recent years, and are highly valued by the sector, as demonstrated by the growing number of opinion leaders who use them, convinced of their effectiveness and quality. However, in order to safeguard the good image and reputation of these systems, the co-responsibility of all the players involved is necessary, from the manufacturer to the final applicator, which can only be achieved through optimal professionalisation and the specific training of the professionals involved in the process.

Tecnopol Academy - Formación

Specialisation and training generate new expectations for professionals, acting as a motivational lever which in turn allows the potential and talent of each member of the team to be developed.  The ultimate goal is to train experts who can respond to a growing production need, without ever neglecting quality, the basic objective of any organisation.

The Tecnopol Academy facilities have spaces spaces for theoretical and practical training, demonstrations of systems, and a ventilated cabin in which the products and techniques of polyurethane and polyurethane projection are shown. In addition, a common space has been designed with a leisure area and a canteen, where participants can share the knowledge gained during the sessions between training sessions or over a relaxed breakfast or lunch, creating a direct dialogue with the trainers which is ideal for sharing possible doubts and concerns.  

Tecnopol Academy - Formación