Substrate preparation

Malla G80
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Reinforcing mesh

Mesh for reinforcing of waterproofing membrane DESMOPOL at singular-critical points and areas.(Iit's not necessary on for reinforcing surface, according ETA 10/0121)

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Desmoseal MASTIC-PU
Mastic PU masilla de poliuretano
Single component polyurethane mastic

MASTIC PU is a single component polyurethane mastic that cures rapidly on contact with atmospheric moisture, forming a hard sealant, elastic and of a medium-high elasticity modulus. For sealing of vertical and horizontal joints.

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Tecnoband 100
tecnoband 100
Support and reinforcement band

Transversely deformable adhesive band, formed of a viscous-elastic layer coated on a nonwoven mesh. The nonwoven element allows adaptation to the support of the band and is highly recommended for specific applications of DESMOPOL liquid polyurethane and polyurea membrane.

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