Tecnomesh 200


Polypropylene mesh

It is a non-woven mesh made of 100% polypropylene fibers, heat-set on one side, and calendered on the other, with a  mass of 200 g/m2, offered in rolls. Is a specific material to be used in Tecnocoat application where the substrate is very irregular or on the soil.

TDS. Technical Data sheet(PDF)


For use in these types of situations:

  • Formation of ponds or lakes on land or natural substrate (soil)
  • Creation of a substrate able to be applied by Tecnocoat membranes in concrete substrates in bad conditions ( such a  foundation slabs or floors).
  • In existing supports of asphalt sheets with cracks and very deteriorated.d.

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other substrates or scopes of use

Mass 200 g/m2
Average thickness 1,40 mm.
Transverse resistance 800 N
Longitudinal resistance 330 N
Transverse elongation 55%
Longitudinal elongation 60%


  • Spread and nail the mesh directly to the support using wide-head cloves.
  • Make overlaps between layers of between 10-15 cms. to achieve homogenization of the surface, therefore, the maximum cohesion of the whole rolls
  • Apply Tecnocoat on the Tecnoband 200 Base joints first.
  • Apply Tecnocoat, on the rest of the surface according to the total desired thickness on the project.


Roll of 105 m2. Measures: 1,50 m. wide and 70 m. of length