Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be applicable whenever the services of TECNOPOL SISTEMAS S.L. (hereinafter Tecnopol) or our websites are used, or when getting in touch with us via the media we make available (telephone, chat, E-mail and social networks). In accordance with our commitment to transparency, we would like to inform you on the information we will store and the purposes for which it will be used.  

Tecnopol processes all data in a legal, faithful and transparent manner. We will only process information which is appropriate and relevant, and this will be limited to that necessary for the fixed, explicit and legitimate purposes for which it was obtained. It will in no event be used for reasons incompatible with these ends.    

This Policy is available at all times via the link provided on this website, entitled the “Privacy and Data Protection Policy”, and may be updated at any moment as a result of legislative changes or a modification to the configuration of the services or type of business on offer. Modifications which involve a change to the contracted service provision, or which require the consent of the interested parties, will be notified with at least fifteen days’ notice in order that the interested parties may declare their opposition to the described change, or so that the customers may adopt whatever measures they deem appropriate in relation to the modification announced.  Once this period has passed, and the user accesses the services again without having expressed their opposition, it will be understood that the new conditions have been accepted.   


Who is the responsible custodian of the processed data?

  • B63686026
  • c/ Finlàndia, 33 08520 · Les Franqueses del Vallès · Barcelona (Spain)


What is our purpose for processing data?

To log on or browse the Tecnopol website it is unnecessary to provide any information. The required responses to the questions presented, or data requested via the website will be indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the question or the field on the form. In the event of not supplying the information required, it will not be possible to supply the corresponding service or function requested.  

Tecnopol will not in no event process data from minors, given that are services are only offered to professional users or individuals of legal age with full capacity to act on their own behalf.   

At Tecnopol we process recorded information for the following purposes:

  • Customers: all data provided when registering as a customer, or those gathered via any of the media or contact channels identified on the website (including chats, or telephone conversations), and that collected via Tecnopol services, will be used for the purpose of managing the customer’s account, at sales, accounts, tax and administrative levels, and/or to notify them of any incidents or information of interest related to our services. For such purposes, and in accordance with tax and data protection legislation, the billing information supplied by users will be verified, consulting the data service provided by the tax administration, and rectifying any information which appears to be inaccurate. The legitimate purpose of the processing is the supply of the service or the execution of the commercial relation.
  • Promotions: Tecnopol uses the contact details provided by the users to send out, either by E-mail or other means, information related to new or improved products and services and to keep them informed on matters which may be of interest based on their customer history, all within the confines of direct marketing. Tecnopol is absolutely opposed to the practice of spamming; it is the user who decides whether they wish to receive these types of notification, on acceptance of the present data protection document, when registering as a customer or when requesting information from any of the contact media offered on our website. The legitimate basis for all such data processing is the principle of authorized consent.     
  • Candidates: All information provided by those interested in working at Tecnopol will only be used in the employee selection processes we conduct. The legitimate basis for all such data processing is the principle of authorized consent.
  • Contact: The information received through any of the media or contact channels indicated on the website, will be used for communication purposes and/or the management of the corresponding request, as well as to offer related products and services which may be of interest to the user or customer.  The legitimate basis for all such data processing is the provision of the service or execution of the agreement, and the legal interests of Tecnopol.


TECNOPOL uses anonymous third party cookies and will not supply references which permit the personal information of visitors to be deduced. Please consult our Cookies Policy for further information.  

Consent to the use of cookies.

For our website to function properly we use cookies. To obtain your valid consent for the use and storage of cookies in the browser you use to access our website and to properly document this we use a consent management platform: CookieFirst. This technology is provided by Digital Data Solutions BV, Plantage Middenlaan 42a, 1018 DH, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

When you access our website, a connection is established with CookieFirst’s server to give us the possibility to obtain valid consent from you to the use of certain cookies. CookieFirst then stores a cookie in your browser in order to be able to activate only those cookies to which you have consented and to properly document this. The data processed is stored until the predefined storage period expires or you request to delete the data. Certain mandatory legal storage periods may apply notwithstanding the aforementioned.

CookieFirst is used to obtain the legally required consent for the use of cookies. The legal basis for this is article 6(1)(c) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data processing agreement

We have concluded a data processing agreement with CookieFirst. This is a contract required by data protection law, which ensures that data of our website visitors is only processed in accordance with our instructions and in compliance with the GDPR.

Server log files

Our website and CookieFirst automatically collect and store information in so-called server log files, which your browser automatically transmits to us. The following data is collected:

  • Your consent status or the withdrawal of consent
  • Your anonymised IP address
  • Information about your Browser
  • Information about your Device
  • The date and time you have visited our website
  • The webpage url where you saved or updated your consent preferences
  • The approximate location of the user that saved their consent preference
  • A universally unique identifier (UUID) of the website visitor that clicked the cookie banner

TECNOPOL will only process personal information supplied by users in accordance with purposes defined under this Data Protection Policy. 

Users will be immediately informed of the processing of their data under the terms defined above via their acceptance of the present Privacy Policy on registering as a customer or when contacting Tecnopol through any of the electronic media provided on our websites.

Users should refrain from providing the personal information of other interested parties, except when in possession of the appropriate authorization, by which the said interested parties have been duly informed in advance of the content of this Privacy Policy and, specifically, have consented to their data being supplied to Tecnopol for processing in accordance with the corresponding purposes.  


How long will the data be kept?

In accordance with the principle of a time limit for their conservation, the data kept will only be stored and processed for the time necessary and for the purposes for which it has been gathered at the time.  

Tecnopol has fixed various conservation time periods based on the type of data and the purposes for their processing. The applicable time limits are as follows:

  • Customers: The data will be kept for the length of the commercial relationship, plus an additional period of 10 years following the termination of the agreement, in accordance with civil, commercial and tax legislation.  
  • Promotions: The data will be processed for the duration of the commercial relationship or until opposition is requested or consent revoked by the interested party.  
  • Candidates: The data will be kept for a period of 5 years from the most recent declaration of interest or consent, except where the interested party requests its suppression.  
  • Contact: The data will be kept for 5 years, except where it needs to be blocked for the preparation, exercise or defence of claims.   


To whom will the data be communicated?  

The data are processed by TECNOPOL and by service providers. 

Tecnopol does not communicate personal data to third parties, unless a regulation with the rank of law provides otherwise or to service providers as long as it is necessary for the provision of contracted services or for commercial communications

Tecnopol will be permitted to pass on personal data to the authorities including the tax and customs offices, judicial bodies, State police and security services or other organizations in relation to the current stipulations of the Law.   

In regard to the communications necessary for the provision of the buyed products, only that information essential for administering the requests of customers or users and offering the buyed products and services will be passed on. In all events, it will be necessary to notify financial and banking institutions of the relevant information in order to charge for the products and services supplied.

In the event that a user leaves a comment or interacts socially on the Tecnopol website, or on the linked social networks, they should be aware that their details may be published on the environment on which they participate, in other words they are expressly authorizing the communication of their details – as associated to the action they undertake – to other users accessing the said website or social network.  

The data we process will only be stored at our installations, or at the installations of our service providers.


What are your rights in relation to your data?  

You have the right to obtain confirmation of whether we are processing your information or not, to access your personal data, and to request the rectification of inaccurate data or to correct incomplete information.    

You also have the right to request the suppression of your data when, among other reasons, the information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was gathered. Tecnopol will proceed with the suppression of the same without delay except where it is necessary to conserve it for legal requirements or the formulation, exercise or defence of claims.  

In certain circumstances, you may request restrictions in the processing of your data, in which case we will proceed to blocking its use except for the requirements of the formulation, exercise and defence of claims.

You have the right, under certain circumstances, to request receipt from us of the personal data which you have provided, in a structured machine-readable format for common use. 

In certain circumstances, and for reasons based on particular situations, you may oppose the processing of your data and Tecnopol will then stop processing them, except for imperative legitimate motives, or the formulation, exercise or defence of claims.   

You may contact us to specify that you do not wish to receive commercial messages on our products and services at any time. In the case of electronic messages these may be cancelled in future using a link which Tecnopol includes with these types of communication.  

All these rights may be requested and exercised at any time; either in writing to TECNOPOL SISTEMAS SL,  C/Finlàndia 33 - 08520 Les Franqueses del Vallés (Barcelona); or via E-mail to In either event, the request should be accompanied by a copy of an official document verifying the identity of the owner of the data concerned.    

In the event that we have requested your consent for processing data, you may withdraw the same at any time by notifying Tecnopol under the terms described above. This withdrawal of consent will not have a retroactive effect.  

If you feel that the exercise of your rights has not been satisfied, you may present a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the competent authority in regards to data protection, whose contact details are: Calle Jorge Juan, 6 - 28001 Madrid.

Users of the website and other Tecnopol services will be responsible for the truthfulness, currency and accuracy of the details they provide to Tecnopol, which will be assumed to be true, current and accurate when received. Users may modify their details, as well as their preferences over the treatment of the data provided, by sending a message to Tecnopol will adopt the necessary measures to delete and rectify any inaccurate data related to the purposes for it will be processed without delay as soon as they receive notification of the same.