Research and development

Our mission is to produce products which offer comprehensive solutions designed to address the construction needs of all our customers.  

For this purpose our technical department has a major role to play in the research and development of new products designed to meet the requirements of all areas of operation within the sector and reinforce the market position of our customers.  

Investigación y desarrollo

An innovative approach and added value have always been essential features of our range of both waterproofing and thermal insulation products. Our company offers the most competitive solutions on the market in the field of continuous waterproof flooring systems, exemplified by our Tecnocoat P-2049 100% pure polyurea line. Since it was first introduced the physical and chemical properties of Tecnocoat P-2049 have been modified and upgraded to meet the demands of our customers in the construction sector.   

Laboratorio Tecnopol

Within the sphere of thermal insulation, we provide a varied range of products suited to all insulation project requirements. Our polyurethane foams are designed for both injection or projection applications and are manufactured with different physical and chemical specifications according to the individual needs of the user.  

Laboratorio Tecnopol