Car park deck

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TECNOCOAT P-2049 is a PUA system to create a complete, waterproof, integral seamless vehicular traffic wearing surface (on new or old concrete surfaces)

We offer various system finishes for all types of vehicles and conditions of use even on exposition to the weather and particular conditions ( grease, oils…).

The abrasion and skid resistances are achieved by using natural or artificial aggregates mixed with the colored topcoat.

In essence, this Car Park Deck Waterproofing system based on TECNOCOAT P-2049, ensures the watertighness of any
deck exposed to external weather conditions (sun, rain, etc.), while providing a road surface, with the minimum added weight, reducing previous



  1. Vehicle traffic allowed, without any hard protection on top.
  2. Fully adhered systems: protection of the structural support element (CE marking under EN-1504-2).
  3. Complete and absolute protection of the construction element.
  4. Zero slope application, it works under ponding water.
  5. Direct application to the existing substrate: waste generations limited, which contributes to an improvement in the construction sustainability.
  6. Faster setting: labor time reduction, cost optimization
  7. No extra weight on existing structure ( only ±2.5-3 kg/sqm).
  8. Cost reduction: not need to apply mortar coats to protect it.
  9. Several finishing (colors and surface textures), according to the existing slippery international approvals and regulations.
  10. High resistance to the temperature: no collapse of the membrane due to environmental causes.
  11. Working life (W3:25 years): high quality of the applied system+ maximum durability warranties.



Flat roofs for vehicle traffic

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1. Surface preparation

Our finishes for flat roofs designed for vehicle traffic can be applied on a wide range of existing surfaces, typically concrete, using a simple preparation process, and are designed to meet aesthetic demands as well as waterproofing considerations.

tecnoband 100
Geotextile reinforcement band+info
Mastic PU masilla de poliuretano
Polyurethane mastic+info

2. Primer

A primer resin should be first applied to ensure adhesion to the surface.

Primer PU-1000
Two-component polyurethane resin as a primer+info
Primer PUc-1050
Two-component polyurethane resin as a primer (low ambient temperatures)+info
Primer EPw-1070
Two-component epoxy resin as a primer+info

3. Waterproofing membrane

The TECNOCOAT waterproof membrane is applied directly over the primer resin.

Pure polyurea membrane for waterproofing and coating+info
Tecnocoat P-2049 HR
High-strength pure polyurea membrane for wateproofing and coating+info

4. Finish layer

The finishing coat consists of an aliphatic resin, highly resistant to UV rays and hard wearing (can be walked on), and to which an anti-slip finish may also be added (conforms to CTE DB SUA, Class 3 classification (Rd >45), according to UNE-ENV 12633:2003)..

Tecnotop 2c
Two-component, aliphatic polyurethane resin suitable as a flooring and UV rays protection+info

[product pigments]

Tecnoplastic F
Plastic charges for antislip finish+info