Bridge Deck

tráfico rodado

TECNOCOAT and DESMOPOL offer perfect waterproofing and protection of concrete structures for civil engineering works. In addition to being certified by the European Standard EN-1504.2 for "Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures", it has recently obtained the ETE certification according to the EOTA "Liquid applied waterproofing system for bridge decks" (16/0680).

In this way, using our pure polyurea or polyurethane system, a total protection of the concrete structures on bridge decks is achieved, as well as the commissioning of the wearing course (asphalt), avoiding the risk of damage, quickly, effi ciently and therefore reducing the costs of execution.



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Bridge Deck


tráfico rodado

1. Surface preparation

Our finishes for flat roofs designed for vehicle traffic can be applied on a wide range of existing surfaces, typically concrete, using a simple preparation process, and are designed to meet aesthetic demands as well as waterproofing considerations.

tecnoband 100
Geotextile reinforcement band+info
Mastic PU masilla de poliuretano
Polyurethane mastic+info

2. Primer

A primer resin should be first applied to ensure adhesion to the surface.

Primer PU-1000
Two-component polyurethane resin as a primer+info
Primer PUc-1050
Two-component polyurethane resin as a primer (low ambient temperatures)+info
Primer EPw-1070
Two-component epoxy resin as a primer+info

3. Waterproofing membrane

The TECNOCOAT waterproof membrane is applied directly over the primer resin.

Pure polyurea membrane for waterproofing and coating+info
Tecnocoat P-2049 HR
High-strength pure polyurea membrane for wateproofing and coating+info

4. Primer + Silica Sand

Optionally, apply a thin layer of PRIMER PU-1000 polyurethane resin and lightly sprinkle the aggregate over the surface while it is still wet. This forms an additional layer of protection.

Silica Sand
Antislip charges+info
Primer PU-1000
Single-component polyurethane resin as a primer+info

5. Asphalt

Pour the asphalt layer in accordance with the specifications of the civil works project.