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Tecnofloor STF-7020

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Stone carpet flooring is a type of continuous flooring that is notable for having a totally natural finish, for its resistance and for the infinite number of possible finishes. Moreover, this type of flooring, which is increasingly used, is extremely durable and very easy to maintain.

This type of flooring is formed with small stones or natural rocks, prepared in a suitable format to be mixed with a chemical binder that will keep them together and compacted on the floor, forming a flat, continuous, non-slip flooring with draining properties. The quality and properties of the binder will determine the result and durability of the resulting flooring.

The TECNFLOOR STF-7020 is a 100% solid aliphatic polyurethane designed as a rock binder, intended for bonding rocks in areas required to support traffic of both people and vehicles. As an aliphatic product — i.e. it does not yellow after exposure to the sun's UV rays — it is ideal for decorating terraces, gardens, parks and even for industrial applications.

This dual-component product is easy to apply, with a fast drying time (4-5 hours) and good physical properties. It is suitable for pedestrian traffic 8-10 hours after application, while after 24 hours it can withstand vehicular traffic without any problem.

The marketing format is 2.5 kg for component A and 4.5 kg for component B, this combination allows for mixing in the same can as component B.

The product is designed so that a 7 kg kit can be mixed with a 100 kg bag of stones, as the suggested mixing ratio by weight is 1 part resin to 13.5 parts stone. For mixing resin and aggregate, the use of a forced-action mixer such as a concrete mixer or specialised mixing equipment is recommended.

In addition, for applications where faster drying is required, Tecnopol has developed the Tecnofloor STF-7020 Accelerator. This additive reduces drying time to 3 hours, foot traffic readiness to 4-5 hours and vehicle readiness after 20 hours. In this case, for a 7 kg kit of Tecnofloor STF-7020, 150 g of Tecnofloor STF-7020 Accelerator are required. In this way, the process would be completely finished in less than 24 hours, meaning extremely fast commissioning for a product of these characteristics.

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