Additive for Tecnofloor STF-7020

TECNOFLOOR STF-7020 ACCELERATOR, is a single-component, yellowish, additive to reduce pot-life, dry time and service times for Tecnofloor STF-7020, resin binder.  The average to mix is maximum 150 g/ 7 kg kit of Tecnofloor STF-7020.

TDS. Technical Data sheet(PDF)


Main use of Tecnofloor STF-7020:

  • To reduce the times (pot life, dry time, curing time ) for Tecnofloor STF-7020

NOTE: in case of doubts, call our technical department 

maximum consumption 150 g / 7 kg Tecnofloor STF-7020
density 1,10 g/cm³
viscosity  3.000 cps
color yellowish
Tecnofloor STF-7020 pot-life ±25 min.
Tecnofloor STF-7020 dry time ±3 hours
Tecnofloor STF-7020 pedestrian tack-free time 4-5 hours
Tecnofloor STF-7020 vehicle tack-free time ±20 hours
Results have been performed in the laboratory at 23ºC and 50% RH, under controllable conditions. These values may vary depending on the application, climatology, or substrate conditions.


The performance for this product is 150 g/ 7 kg Tecnofloor STF-7020 (maximum quantity)


Tins with 450 g each


12 months at temperatures between 5° C and 35° C, provided it is stored in a dry place. Once the tin has been opened, the product must be used immediately.


These safety recommendations for handling, are necessary for the implementation process as well as in the pre and post, on exposure to the loading machinery.

  • Respiratory Protection: When handling or spraying use an air-purifying respirator.
  • Skin protection: Use rubber gloves, remove immediately after contamination. Wear clean body-covering. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after work and before eating, drinking or smoking.
  • Eye / Face: Wear safety goggles to prevent splashing and exposure to particles in the air.
  • Waste generation should be avoided or minimized. Incinerate under controlled conditions in accordance with local laws and national regulations.

Anyway, consult the material and safety data sheet of the product (MSDS), or contact our technical department.