Tecnomesh 100


Reinforcing fiber-glass mesh

Mesh for reinforcing for the polyurethane waterproofing membrane Desmopol  at detail work, critical points, and general areas in case of was necessary.


For application in the following situations:

  • To use for reinforcement at special points in the application of single-component polyurethane membrane Desmopol (upstands, flashpoints, internal outlets, evacuations, and fissures).
  • On the polyurethane membrane  Desmopol for waterproofing and coating under the following conditions: sinks zones, bars or other drainage zones, race, upstands and flashpoints in the perimeter
  • Reinforced expansion joints, active cracks, insulation joints,
  • Strengthening all unions and meetings between heterogeneous materials and different expansion coefficients.

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other substrates or scopes of use

density of mesh 100 g/m2 (±10%)
tensile strength (mesh) >20 N/150 mm
tensile strength(warp thread) >20 N/150 mm
content binder 6-10% 
water content  <0,4%
fiber lenght 50 mm.

TDS. Technical Data sheet(PDF)


  • applies the first layer of Desmopol
  • when still wet, embed the mesh in the membrane liquid layer. Use a dry roll to do it.
  • apply the next layers of Desmopol needed.
  • apply Tecnotop resin, regarding the specifications, if necessary.


Rolls of 50 m2. Measures: 1,00 m. wide and 50 m. of length