What is epoxy flooring?

An epoxy resin floor is a type of floor coating that is made up of two components: a resin and a hardener. When mixed together, they form a mixture that is applied to the floor and allowed to dry, creating a hard, tough coating. Epoxy resin floors are popular in places with high demands for abrasion and chemical resistance, such as workshops, factories and warehouses. They are also used in areas with high humidity and in commercial and leisure establishments to improve the appearance of the floor.

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Advantages of epoxy flooring

Epoxy resin floors have several advantages, including:

  1. Durability: They are highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and moisture, making them ideal for locations with high strength demands.

  2. Easy to clean: The smooth, even surface of epoxy resin floors is easy to clean and maintain, reducing cleaning time and cost.

  3. Attractive appearance: Epoxy resin flooring can be customized with a variety of colors and designs, making it ideal for places with high foot traffic, such as stores and offices.

  4. High stain resistance: it is resistant to stains caused by oil, grease, etc.

  5. High traffic resistance: it is resistant to vehicular traffic and heavy machinery.

  6. Easy to install: The installation process is quick and easy, which reduces installation time and cost.

Epoxy flooring applications

Epoxy resin floors are widely used in a variety of applications, including:

  1. Industrial: They are ideal for workshops, factories, warehouses and other industrial facilities due to their high resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

  2. Commercial: They are used in stores, offices, restaurants and other commercial establishments due to their attractive appearance and ease of cleaning.

  3. Sports: They are used in gymnasiums and other sports facilities due to their resistance to moisture and abrasion.

  4. Automotive: they are used in mechanic workshops and service stations due to their resistance to oil, grease and other chemical products.

  5. Institutional: they are used in hospitals, schools, and other institutions due to their easy cleaning and high resistance to stains.

  6. Residential: in garages, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the house that require a resistant and easy to clean floor.

Tecnopol epoxy range

TECNOFLOOR is the range of industrial and continuous floorings designed to pass the most demanding tests of frequent intensive use. We have developed this range of floorings for applications where durability, resistance and a decorative finish are required.

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