Case Studies

Learn more about how some major projects were completed using our systems.  


ARGAL Pavimento - Revestimiento pavimento

Main system employed:
Revestimiento pavimento
Year of execution:
100 m2

 E X E C U T I  O N     D E S C R I P T  I O N  

Application of our continuous coating polyurea membrane Tecnocoat P-2049, in existing flooring are located in rooms where the forklifts batteries are loaded, in food production plants. The situation of the floor was degradation of the pavement due to the fall of chemical elements and the traffic of engines.


A P P L I C A  T I O N     P R O C E D U R E 

The  application procedure is as follows : 

First step:  support preparation

  • Milling of the surface:  surfacing of the concrete slab, to obtain a high  adhesion of the system and reducing at zero the accumulation of air and therefore the appearance of bubbles or craters in the surface once the membrane is applied. 
  • General Cleaning: removing with vacuum of dust, dirt and other material generated during earlier work and that may prevent optimal adhesion to the substrate. 


Second step: singular points

They are the elements as dilatation joints, encounters with walls, drains or other specific and singular points of the structure and surfaces. They require focused work to ensure proper system operation. In this case, the work was done in the following points: 

  • Realization of half-cylinder mortar: in this application, it was important to ensure continuity of the waterproofing system Tecnocoat P-2049 in all encounters of the zones with vertical walls, and get good support for vertical membrane. Thus, a perfect continuity is ensured on the sharp points, which in the long term because of possible movements of the structure, which can damage the membrane. 
  • This work was done on the intersections with the walls, skylights and other existing elements. In this way the membrane Tecnocoat P-2049 requires no assembly or reinforcement extra systems. 
  • Preparation of existing joints: joints on existing slabs and perimeter walls were prepared using our Desmopol PU elastic sealant(mastic), to achieve a perfect flexibility and prevent breakage due during possible excessive movement of the concrete structure .. 



Third step: Tecnocoat P-2049 application

The  Tecnocoat P-2049  system used on this project is constituted by: 

  • Primer Tecnocoat Primer PU: applied with a roller over the entire surface, improves the adhesion of the existing support and avoid the presence of trapped air. 
  • Membrane  Tecnocoat P-2049: Tecnocoat polyurea membrane 100% pure, continuous and fully bonded to the support, is applied by spraying equipment as graco E-XP2, by an instantly control of mixture,  temperature and pressure of the liquid components. It is applied directly on the primer, in many continuous layers until the thickness required by our document ETA 11/0357.


A P P L I C A T I O N’s      A D V A N T A G ES   

The situation of the room in which the execution took place, with the presence of corrosive liquids and solutions from forklift‘s batteries for which it was decided the application of Tecnocoat P-2049, as a coating continuous membrane, without pavement joints or overlaps. Thus, the factors to the implementation of the system Tecnocoat P-2049,  were as follows: . 

  • High resistance to chemicals such as acids  
  • Fast execution of the application. 
  • Complete protection against friction and abrasion mostly due to the action of mobile forklift and transport elements.  
  • Complete continuity of the coating membrane, fully adhered without joints or overlapping for all aspects of the morphology of the execution.  
  • High resistance to abrasion and punching, which ensures the membrane protection and durability.