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Casa Pangal y Restaurante Casa Bosque

Main system employed:
Sergio Andrade
APV Chile
Santiago de Chile
Year of execution:
1.750 m² (1400 + 350) m2

Within the world of architecture and construction, we are growing ever more conscious of the importance of harmonious integration of buildings into their surroundings. 

Within the rural surroundings of the project the use of natural materials and colours is of vital importance in contributing towards this integration.  For this purpose a waterproofing system with Desmopol polyurethane membrane was used, which allows perfect adaptation to the peculiar form of the roof, and was finished off with a near saturated dusting with a matte red aggregate. This type of aggregate was selected for both its natural origin and tone, producing results in perfect harmony with the surroundings.   


Casa Pangal is a sustainable construction, designed by the architect Sergio Andrade and located in el Fundo Cascada de las Animas, San José de Maipo (Santiago de Chile). It is a private residence, built on a foundation of tyres and employing reusable materials wherever possible, for example in the thermal insulation created with drinks cans, plastic bottles and cardboard.



Restaurante Casa Bosque, also located in San José de Maipo and the work of the same architect, is a restaurant and events center which had inadequate waterproofing, performed with an asphalt membrane which needed to be repaired in the fastest possible time without affecting the business activity of the restaurant. 



Both buildings, with their important aesthetic requirements and construction process, required optimum waterproofing, which was adaptable to the particular geometry of the roof, 100% safe and which would allow a completely natural appearance.  

With the solution proposed for these two roofs by the APV company, the distributor and retail outlet for Tecnopol products in Chile, the functional properties of the Desmopol continuous waterproofing system with its liquid polyurethane membrane was successfully employed, while also achieving the desired aesthetic effect and integrating the building within its surroundings.     

At Casa Pangal 350m2 of roofing was waterproofed, while at the Restaurante Casa Bosque, the area of waterproofed roof surfaces amounted to around 1,400m2 
The same system was employed on both projects:  

Preparation of the surface

  1. Application of EPw 1070 PRIMER
  2. Application of DESMOPOL polyurethane membrane in a brick red colour.  
  3. Application of PU 1000 PRIME as an adhesive for the aggregate
  4. Sprinkling of matte red aggregate to saturation point
  5. Application of TECNOTOP 2C Neutral protection as a final sealant coat.



casa bosquecasa bosquecasa bosque



Casa Pangal

Casa Pangal​​