Case Studies

Learn more about how some major projects were completed using our systems.  

Complejo Deportivo MENDIZORROTZA - Pool Construction

Main system employed:
Year of execution:
2000 m2


 The work was the gardening and waterproofing of parking’s roof of the housing complex in the town Azken Portu, Zizurkil Gipuzkoa. 

 It was waterproofed approximately 2,800 m2 by Tecnocoat P-2049continuous membrane 100% pure polyurea on concrete slabs, installing on its  top VYDRO gardening system made of polyurethane foam, with sedum plant finishing as green roof system.

The procedure followed in this application is as follows:  
First step:  support preparation
  • Milling of the surface:  surfacing of the concrete slab, to obtain a high adhesion of the system and reducing at zero the accumulation of air and therefore the appearance of bubbles or craters in the surface once the membrane is applied. 
  • General Cleaning: removing with vacuum of dust, dirt and other material (oil,grease,paint…ect) generated during earlier work and that may prevent optimal adhesion to the substrate. 
Second step: Tecnocoat P-2049 application
The Tecnocoat P-2049 system used on this project is constituted by: 
  • Primer  Tecnocoat Primer PU: applied with a roller over the entire surface, improves the adhesion of the existing support and avoid the presence of trapped air. 
  • Membrane Tecnocoat P-2049: Tecnocoat polyurea membrane 100% pure, continuous and fully bonded to the support, is applied by spraying equipment as graco E-XP2, by an instantly control of mixture, temperature and pressure of the liquid components. It is applied directly on the primer, in many continuous layers until the thickness required by our document ETA 11/0357. 
Finally, on top of pure polyurea membrane Tecnocoat P-2049, has been applied the polyurethane foam substrate VYDRO of high water retention, later we added the finishing sedum plant layer .
The factors favoring the application of the waterproofing and coating system Tecnocoat P-2049, and not to use other systems were as follows:  
  • Waterproofing of encounters with perimeter walls, as in the galvanized planters, large covering and coating of all surfaces and fixtures. 
  • Fast execution compared with other systems, which due to the frequency of rainfall in the area, make the Tecnocoat P-2049 system ideal for preventing slippage of work. 
  • Complete continuity of waterproofing membrane on all surfaces and forms without joints or 
  • overlaps use. 
  • High resistance to abrasion and punching.   
  • Secure and safety - the tightness of the green roof, with a high protection due to compliance with the load capacity to support specified in the ETA. 
  • Similarly, their qualification for use on roofs with S1-S4 classification of slope (inclination), as evidenced by ETA 11/0357