Case Studies

Learn more about how some major projects were completed using our systems.  


AVE station - AVE station

Main system employed:
Flat roofs
Year of execution:
10.000 m2


Waterproofing of concrete floor slabs flat or semi-inclined, in the implementation of new building to house the railway station for transit high-speed train (AVE).

We have approximately 10,000 m2 waterproofed with our P-2049 TECNOCOAT continuous membrane 100% pure polyurea on reinforced concrete flat slabs covering spaces.

Waterproofing slabs covering the railway station.


The procedure to be followed for this application is as follows:

Phase 1: Preparing the substrate

  •  Milling of the surface: the surface of milled concrete of the slabs, to obtain high adhesion of the system, reducing to zero the air accumulations and therefore the appearance of bubbles or craters on the surface.
  • General cleaning: we proceeded to the removal of dust from the milling, the work from dirt and other elements from these previous studies that have prevented the optimal adhesion to the substrate.

Phase 2: Singular points

Areas such as job boards or expansion, encounters with walls, sinks or other unique elements of the structure or morphology of the work require a focused work to ensure the proper functioning of the system. In this case, work was carried out in the following points:

Performing "coving" mortar: In the context of this implementation, it was important to ensure the continuity of the waterproofing system TECNOCOAT P-2049 in all meetings of the perimeters with the vertical, and get a good support vertical rotation membrane. Thus, secured a perfect continuity in the implementation as well as that in the steering turns realizase smoothly and without sharp points, which in the long term due to possible movements of the structure, could damage to the membrane. Importantly, in all these respects, our TECNOCOAT P-2049 does not require any type of concrete or reinforcement.

Existing Joint Preparation: Existing joints in the floors and perimeter stone walls were prepared using our elastic putty Putty Desmopol PU., To give flexibility to the area and avoid breakage due to excessive movement of the concrete structure.                      

Phase 3: Implementation of system products TECNOCOAT P-2049

The P-2049 TECNOCOAT system used in this case, was generated by applying the following materials:

Primer Primer TECNOCOAT PU manually applied by roller over the entire surface, improves adhesion of existing support and avoids the presence of entrapped air.

TECNOCOAT P-2049 membrane: membrane 100% pure polyurea TECNOCOAT; continuous and fully bonded to the support, is applied by spray equipment GRACO-EXP2 with mixture control, temperature and pressure of the liquid components. The application was made directly over the primer in several continuous layers until the required thickness by our ETA document 11/0357.



Views of areas TECNOCOAT implementing P-2049 in the upper decks.



Factors favorable to the application of waterproofing system TECNOCOAT P-2049, and they decided they have been laid over other systems, were:

waterproofing optimal contour encounters.

  • Run very fast compared to other systems, which due to the amount and frequency of rainfall in the area, make the system perfect TECNOCOAT P-2049 to avoid delays in execution of work.
  • Full continuity of the waterproofing in all aspects of the morphology of the execution, taking into account the existing construction details such as matches with the boundary walls and interior elements.
  • high resistance to puncture and abrasion, which ensures its tightness in cases like the present one: a large area that can be used as material stockpile areas during execution.
  • in the same way, for the application classification for roofs with classification S1-S4, that is, covered with zero slope as is reflected in the ETA 11/0357, making it suitable for use as the project implemented in some areas has slopes less.