Plastic charges for antislip finish

Micronized plastic (polyamide) for texturing polyurethane resins, and achieve antislip surfaces for flooring.

TDS. Technical Data sheet(PDF)


For application in the following situations:

  • to mix with polyurethane resins Tecnotop 2C/2CP/1C range of resins to achieve a level of medium-high roughness (depending on the mixing ratio).

NOTE: call our technical department about the application to other substrates or scopes of use

consumption 5 ~ 8 % depending on the texture desired
medium size of particle 125 µm (0,125 mm.)


  •  It is a coarse powder for producing significant surface texturing. The nature and degree of texturing depend on the applied film thickness and the ratio of texturing agent to binder.
  • To mix with Tecnotop range of aliphatic resins
  • Conforming even to European norm ENV 12633: (floors slipperiness), to achieve Class 3 (>45 slip resistance), depending on dosage (consult our technical department).
  • Depending on the formulation Tecnoplastic F may tend to sediment during storage of the coating. In such cases employing an anti-settling agent is necessary.
  • The thermal stability is influenced by the binder and also depends on the duration of exposure. Experiments must be undertaken to precisely determine the thermal stability if long-term exposure to temperatures of more than 140 °C (284ºF) is expected.
  • It  can be used in both solvent-based and solvent-free coatings, and also in water-based coating systems. The areas of application include decorative coatings and anti-slip coatings.
  • It is resistant to most customary solvents, but this should be checked when testing the overall coating formulation.


Metal tins of 2 kg.


TECNOPLASTIC F can be stored for at least 24 months at room temperature under dry conditions.


  • Mix the desired dosage in the A component of Tecnotop 2C/2CP/1C. The amount to be added in each case will depend on the desired or required texture project, this action can be performed by a speed-stirrer. It does not require the use of added agents, even if water-based systems are used. Perform this action until a homogeneous mixture.
  • In systems containing Pigments  texturing agents must be added after grinding these ones


According to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, Tecnoplastic F is not classified as a dangerous product and therefore does not need to be labeled. Due to the powdery nature of the product, measures for dust protection must be heeded and the build-up of an electrostatic charge must be avoided.

Consult the material and safety data sheet of the product (MSDS).


  • appearance: white powder
  • bulk weight: ± 640 g/l
  • density: ± 1,22 g/cm³
  • melting range:± 150-160 °C
  • particle size: 
    • d50 ± 150 µm, 
    • d90 ± 225 µm, 
    • d99,9 ± 280 µm