The 24th of May, was held in Barcelona, ​​close to the convention center campus "Barcelona World Race," the first informational meeting devoted to the nature, origin, uses and practical application of the 100% pure polyurea Tecnocoat P- 2049.

The event was organized and developed in combination with the multinational firm Huntsman, company supplier of some raw materials for polyurethane and polyurea production, Tecnopol Sistemas,  company formulator and distributor of Tecnocoat P-2049 and Iraco Group, company applicator of pure polyurea.

The event combined presentations  of each company involved, to expose and publicize their concerns, with demonstrations of applications on various surfaces with different geometries and materials of the pure polyurea membrane Tecnocoat 100%.

Much of the success of the meeting is sought in the diverse participation we had. Among those present were engineering offices, architects, engineers and representatives of large construction companies well knowed in the construction sector, which could verify and corroborate with exactitut Tecnocoat P2049  features and advantages mostly with the demonstration on-site.

We define our polyurea membrane 100% pure Tecnocoat P-2049, as a linning and coating waterproofing element completely sealed, continuous without joints or overlaps. Formed from the mixing of two liquid components, mixed at high temperatures and pressures, using digitized projection equipment which controls at constantly these parameters. Forming a performed coating in situ on the surface to be treated.

We hope and intend to repeat the event in the near future with new and interesting applications and uses for the polyurea Tecnocoat P-2049 .