Advantages of the Tecnopol TC-2049 hydraulic spraying equipment


Hydraulic spraying equipment


Each project is different, but the decisions surrounding the materials we use and their correct application are vitally important to ensuring the achieving our goals. Why is the use of a hydraulic dosing unit like the TC-2049 so important in the application of polyurea and polyurethane?

The answer could be summed up in three words: "reliability, toughness and precision". Hydraulic versions prove to be the most reliable, tough and least likely to fail. These machines are ideal for applicators who have to spray large volumes; specifically it is designed to reduce downtime, achieving high daily productivity in large work cycles while maintaining stable spraying performance.

How is the mixing quality ensured in the application of two-component polyurea and polyurethane systems where high precision is required?

By means of a programmable tool called RATIO CONTROL that controls the imbalanced pressure between component A and B, it constantly controls pressure deviation when spraying; in fact it is possible to adjust the deviation range from 0% to 20% (maximum recommended), the percentage is based on the programmed spraying pressure.

As soon as the tool detects an imbalance in the pre-programmed range, it stops spraying and the applicator can correct the imbalance simply and intuitively through the machine’s control panel by following the device’s built-in guide.

What does the formula system consist of?

We call the application parameters of each polyurethane and polyurea foam system stored in the machine's memory “formulas”; the "parameters or formulas" reflect the different construction systems developed over the years by Tecnopol's technical department. Since it comes as standard, you can always restore the original settings. The formulas save time and avoid possible mistakes.

Is the machine easy to operate?

Yes, it can be used very intuitively. Should the machine detect an error, it proposes a series of solutions in a logical order, so that the operator can easily diagnose the problem; all through texts and graphic images, available in a large number of languages built into in the TC2049 software. This is an important advantage over other types of machines that are not autonomous and require a connection to the network and external platforms.

Is it designed to be used on site and make it easy to transport?

Compared to other similar models on the market, the TC2049 is one of the most compact, it can be installed even in small vehicles such as vans or trailers; it also incorporates 4 sturdy removable wheels onto its chassis to facilitate the transfer of the machine, even in very narrow spaces.

What kind of training do the technicians who handle it have to receive?

Any operator with basic knowledge of the use and application of the products for which it is designed can use the machine after seeing the simple indications on the control panel.

What is the PROMIX I air venting gun used for?

The air purge spray gun allows spraying of a wide range of materials such as polyurethane foam or elastomers used to make polyurea coatings.

It’s easy to use and maintain. The nozzle is cleaned by air blasting, which reduces build-up in the air diffuser and nozzle clogging. The design of the Promix gun simplifies maintenance, assembly and disassembly, thanks to its quick injection grease port, daily lubrication is done in a matter of seconds; it also incorporates a stainless steel mixing chamber.

 And is it hard to maintain?

It is actually very simple, after each use you have to clean the gun, check the seals and keep it lubricated. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the periodic maintenance of the machine, which consists of changing the lubricating oil of the piston of the isocyanate pump and the hydraulic oil every 2 years. If out of service for long periods of time, the circuits of each component must also be cleaned and filled with plasticising oil.

Let's talk about cost, does the use of TC-2049 save time and money to the promoters of the works?

Yes, thanks to its toughness, the reliability of its construction and the high capacity of the hydraulic tank, the TC2049 can work for several consecutive hours with a high spraying performance without overheating or loss of pumping power. With a maximum flow rate of 12 kg /min it can spray an area equivalent to 5,760 kg / in 8 hours and approximately 2,880 m2 at a rate of 2kg /m2.

On a practical level and taking into account the downtime for changing drums, breaks, checks and changing positions, the total sprayed surface is reduced to a maximum of 1,500m2 / in 8 hours; which is "a huge surface every day", if we compare it with other insulation or coating systems.