gh-833 Tecnopol is pleased to announce three new products, Paint Sprayers, a new product line that offers great features and will allow you to expand your business.

  • GH 833 , for big painting projects such as industrial, roofs, intumescent and contact cement. Gasoline and hydraulic machine. A machine that can paint almost anything: structures of steel, bridges, housing developments, roofs, new constructions, etc. It is the ideal machine for the application of our DESMOPOL polyurethane waterproofing membrane.


  • Mark X Proconnect , for large painting projects: industrial, untumescent, insulation, coatings and recoatings.  Interiors, location, constructions of apartments, commercial work, housing developments, restoration work, new construction.
  • Mark V Proconnect , for applications of paint, intumescents and plasters pulverized with airless.

On the other hand, and due to our constant interest to offer an integral service, we inform you that we have included in our product range, DESMOPOL polyurethane foam waterproofing membrane, with which we believe a market could be opened in the field of the waterproofing.


Desmopol is a pure polyurethane elastomer liquid material that produces a continuous and flexible membrane, its thixotropy makes it excellent for application in vertical supports.


  • Thixotropic Effect. Excellent for vertical supports.
  • Water thinnable, saving in dissolver cost.
  • It does not produce bubbles, even in thick applications.
  • It does not need priming in most cases.
  • Easy application.
  • Rapid curing even in winter.
  • Excellent adhesion on all  type of surfaces.
  • High resistance to chemicals.
  • High resistance to extreme temperatures (understood between -40ºC and +80º C).
  • High resistance to abasion and tension.
  • High elasticity.
  • The membrane is completely impermeable and resists permanent contact with the water.
  • Allows vapor diffusion.