Case study all england tennis and criquet club - Wimbledon

Wimbledon is one of the most high-profile sporting events in the world, and the All England Club is the venue for the annual tournament. In 2021, repair and waterproofing works were carried out on the concrete stands of the main arena, including the flat areas and the access stairs.
The solution chosen for this project was the TECNOCOAT P-2049 pure polyurea system, which has passed European Technical Assessment ETA 11/0357 for roof waterproofing and also has a specific approval for the British market, specifi cally BBA 16/5340, which certifi es the system as suitable for waterproofing of traffic bearing roofs, among other purposes. Having the latter certifi cation was key to the success of the project.


Sistema aplicado Tecnopol

The scheme of the applied system is

  1.  Concrete slab (stairs and living areas)
  2.  PRIMER PU-1050, polyurethane resin
  3.  TECNOCOAT P-2049, pure polyurea
    waterproofing membrane
  4. TECNOTOP 2C, aliphatic polyurethane resin


Surface lamination was carried out according to ICRI (SPC 4). The structural joints and existing cuts in the concrete slab were treated with specifi c strips and mastics to overprotect the system. Smaller cracks were cleaned and fi lled with polyurethane putty. In addition, the metal L-pieces of the stairs were removed, and the stairs were refi lled and sealed with PRIMER EP-1010 epoxy mortar. Finally, before proceeding with the priming, a general cleaning was carried out by removing the dust with an industrial hoover.


The product used as a primer was PRIMER PU-1050 polyurethane resin, which was applied by roller in several cross coats. A total of 250 g/m² was applied. In addition to improving the adhesion of the PU membrane, this resin absorbs any residual moisture that may exist, seals the concrete and fi lls small irregularities in the surface, achieving greater planimetry.


Once the materials and spraying equipment had been installed and checked, the TECNOCOAT P-2049 pure polyurea membrane was applied. The total thickness applied was 2.5 mm. DFT (2.7 kg/m²). During the hot spraying of the material, a dusting of mineral aggregate was applied to increase the surface resistance to abrasion and provide an anti-slip fi nish, which was essential for this project.


Finally, as a finishing material, TECNOTOP 2C aliphatic dual-component polyurethane resin was applied by short-nap roller in two crossed coats. The total consumption applied was 250 g/m². TECNOTOP 2C not only offers a high quality decorative fi nish — in this case in the "offi cial green” colour — but also protects the membrane against UV rays.

Wimbledon Tecnopol


The conditions and favourable points that decided the choice of our TECNOCOAT P-2049 liquid waterproofi ng system were the following:

• High resistance to puncturing and abrasion, which ensures watertightness in cases such as this: a large area with heavy pedestrian or vehicular traffic.
• Optimum waterproofi ng on both flat and vertical surfaces.
• Very fast execution compared to other systems, avoiding delays in the execution of the work.
• It can be applied in zero-slope conditions, accepting waterlogged water, as certifi ed according to the S1-S4 classification issued in ETA 11/0357 and BBA 16/5340.
• High resistance to abrasion and perforation, guaranteeing watertightness.