Case study: Solanas Crystal View

There are projects in which the correct technical solution plays a role in defining the success of the project.
At Tecnopol we are used to challenge and it is our many years of experience that gives us the confidence to be able to carry out projects with precise characteristics and demands through our experienced clients.
The case in question is a high-rise residential construction in a summer resort area. It was necessary to waterproof large areas with the use of landscaped areas at the top, therefore, a material was required that was
resistant to root penetration and that offered maximum waterproofing security with the maximum useful life time. This product would help us to avoid possible leaks in the future that, should they occur, would require high
repair costs.

Our experienced representative/distributor in Uruguay decided that the application of the TECNOCOAT P-2049 polyurea system would be most suitable since it has been a success in all the previous projects carried out
over our last ten years of cooperation. We are very satisfied with the work done, in addition to its excellent design
it is a totally sustainable project being part of one of the most important forest reserves in the Department of Maldonado.

Solanas Crystal View

The needs of this work are:

  • Complete watertightness of concrete slabs.
  •  Minimal overall execution time.
  •  Possibility of easily performable, low risk re-waterproofing work that could be carried out a posteriori.
  •  Continuous waterproofing without seams or overlaps.
  • Certified resistance to root penetration.

    In the waterproofing project, the aim was to make the upper concrete slab of the caisson completely watertight. The project specifies that the upper section has: paved areas for communal use, landscaped green areas and internally, numerous passages or complex channelling
    with passage of communications facilities.

Case Study: Solanas Crystal View



2.400 sqm 

Cubierta Ajardinada

1. Surface preparation
2. Priming
3. TECNOCOAT P-2049 Membrane
4. Finishing chosen landscaping system




Solanas Crystal View Uruguay


LOCATION: Punta del este (Uruguay)

PROJECT: Solanas Crystal View


TYPE OF WORK: Waterproofing of rood landscaping