COVERAGE. The new TECNOPOL website app will help to calculate the exact quantities required for optimum performance

coverage web app

We are delighted to present COVERAGE, a new website application developed to provide accurate calculations for our most commonly used waterproofing systems.

This app is specifically designed to explain the coating thickness, quantities and materials required for each job.  

It is very simple to use, simply enter the name of your project, the square metres involved and the product to be used on each system coat. The app will make the relevant calculations in a matter of seconds and show the results on screen.

It should be noted that the calculations are based on our use recommendations, and for normal or ideal climate and surface conditions. On the results screen the app allows additional adjustments to thickness and quantities based on particular project requirements. As soon as the parameters are modified the results will be instantly recalculated.  

In addition the app provides conversion between metric and imperial measurements - an essential tool for working in countries where the different systems are commonly used.    

 Other useful information includes a calculation of the exact number of product containers required for the project.

The results can be easily printed out or sent by E-mail or other digital formats as required, with a function for downloading a PDF document at the touch of a button.    

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