Cristián Henríquez: distribuidor de Tecnopol en Chile

Cristián Hernríquez APV

Cristián Henríquez


APV has carried out a large number of projects in recent years which integrate Tecnopol's solutions, products and technology, how would you assess the evolution of the collaboration?

It was a very good experience. From the first minute we established a relationship of mutual trust, which has grown stronger over the years. It's already been 6 years and we believe the years to come will be even better.

Throughout the years you have participated in many projects, which ones would you highlight for their architectural importance, symbolic importance or complexity of the work done?

Every project has its complications but I would highlight a residential building called "Terrazas de Cochoa", located in the Reñaca on the coast of central Chile. It was a complex challenge, not only due to its staggered structure, which posed waterproofing challenges at all levels, but also because of the many different areas of application for our materials. A separate note is the complexity of the structural construction of this building as it was located on sand dunes.

Is there any project that, due to its characteristics, represented a technological challenge or required outstanding innovation?

There are urban concepts that are constantly under construction in Chile and they all face a similar huge challenge, "Earthquakes". We constantly have telluric movements of different magnitudes, which means that each construction must be governed by strict regulations and the materials used must be able to resist them. This is where high quality products come into play, and we are able to design projects that can face difficult circumstances.

Waterproofing, insulation, continuous flooring and spray equipment, a whole world of solutions for different types of construction deterioration. Do you think there is a good building maintenance culture in Chile?

Yes, and it's getting better and better. The needs of the construction industry make it necessary to professionalise the project, mechanise applications and work with first class products. More and more we see proactive people looking for better solutions to their problems. Biotechnology.

Chile is characterised by the diversity of its landscape and its well-known, high-quality architecture. Are sustainability and the right choice of materials increasingly being taken into account?

It is difficult to speak in absolutes, generally speaking I would say yes, the right choice of materials and sustainability of products is increasingly taken into account, however, the spectrum of people is very wide.

There are customers, whether applicators, architects, builders who are always looking to be at the forefront. They are extremely concerned about these issues, but much of what we find in the marketplace don’t factor those issues in, and part of our mission is to educate so that more and more appropriate and sustainable materials are used in construction.

Direct collaboration in projects with APV's technical service is one of the keys to their success. Do the market influencers value this?

Technical assistance is fundamental and undoubtedly one of the keys to success, without it, the market influencers really remain in the past or offer inadequate solutions for the work, it is the best way to keep the market updated with the latest product offer. So yes, it is highly valued. 

How do you see the future of construction?

It has been an extremely difficult year, with the pandemic virtually all projects underway were halted in their construction, and project starts that were in the pipeline have been re-evaluated. However, the related guilds are developing reactivation plans, which could give a boost when activities can be resumed in a more normal way. Pandemic aside, I believe that construction is a pillar in most countries, and is in constant need in places in which development and innovation is fundamental. It is important to remember this, to be present, to innovate and to stay aligned with market requirements.

Cristián Henríquez APV


Sales Manager of APV, a company with more than 40 years of experience, leader in the supply of equipment for the application of varnishes, paints, textures, coatings, and Tecnopol distributor in Chile.