DESMOPOL DW Obtains RD140 Certificate

Determining its suitability for use as a waterproofing suitable for contact with water intended of human consumption.


Spanish Royal Decree 140/2003 establishes the sanitary criteria for the quality of water for human consumption, where, among other details, parameters and parametric values to be met in relation to water for human consumption made available to the consumer are established. 

These values are mainly based on the recommendations of the World Health Organisation and the application of laws; therefore, the precautionary principle always prevails to ensure a high level of protection of the health of the population.

The Royal Decree affects any construction product or coating that may be in contact with drinking water, including catchments, pipelines, DWTPs, supply and distribution networks, tanks, cisterns, etc. This essentially means any element located between the catchment point and the delivery point of the water.

Consumo humano

DESMOPOL DW, a dual-component polyurethane waterproofing membrane, is a material that has successfully passed all the tests carried out by the independent EUROFINS laboratory, obtaining a fully satisfactory result. Analyses concluded that:

  • For the parameters analysed, the material complies with the requirements established in Spanish Royal Decree 140/2003 and its modifications included in RD 902/2018.
  • No chemical reaction of the product is observed at 20 ppm of chlorine, the product complies with the requirements of Spanish Royal Decree 140/2003 and its modifications included in RD 902/2018

In addition to the DESMOPOL DW polyurethane membrane, the pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 and the water-based screed TECNOFLOOR TW-3040 have also been successfully tested in accordance with Spanish Royal Decree 140/2003.