DESMOPOL DW. Polyurethane membrane designed and approved for contact with water destined for human consumption

Poliuretano para contacto agua potable

Desmopol DW. The polyurethane approved for contact with water destined for human consumption 

The DESMOPOL range of polyurethane membranes continues to grow; just recently we introduced the new DESMOPOL CB, a modified polyurethane elastomer with one component bitumen, now it’s the turn of the new DESMOPOL DW (named after the initials of “drinking water”), specifically designed for use in situations where the membrane will inevitably come into contact with water designed for human consumption.

The Tecnopol R+D team has been working hard on the development of this membrane for more than a year, and after numerous tests, they have successfully perfected the formula which now meets all our exacting internal quality standards and with which we are fully satisfied.    

The quality tests are designed to determine the suitability of the product in terms of the following mechanical properties: elongation, adherence, viscosity, tensile strength, etc. 

After completion of the first phase of testing, we then proceeded to the second stage to determine whether the product complies with the requirements of the purpose for which it is ultimately intended, namely, in this case, contact with drinking water.  After several months of rigorous testing it was confirmed that there was no transfer of membrane particles to the water, after which the product was sent to the NSF laboratories in the UK to undergo the official test procedures for formal approval and certification of use.  

DESMOPOL DW has now successfully passed all the tests conducted at the UK based NSF laboratories, and has been duly granted the certificate for use on surfaces designed for contact with water destined for human consumption.  

Results were excellent on all the test certificate procedures, which included the following:   

  • Smell and taste of the water (unchanged)
  • Appearance of the water (unchanged)
  • Growth of aquatic microorganisms (no signs detected)
  • Release of potentially harmful or toxic substances (no signs detected)
  • Release of metal traces (no signs detected)

DESMOPOL DW passed all the tests conducted by the NSF laboratories and is now officially classified as safe and suitable for use in contact with water destined for human consumption.