Poliuretano Desmopol

The DESMOPOL range of products are supplied in liquid format and produce even, elastic and completely waterproof membranes with properties which make them an excellent choice for all types of surface - whether new constructions or the renovation of large and small scale projects.

The DESMOPOL range of products is specially formulated for waterproofing all types of surfaces for new construction and rehabilitation purposes. DESMOPOL can be applied on both flat and inclined surfaces and its high resistance properties makes it ideal for regular pedestrian traffic.  

DESMOPOL is a completely watertight and continuous membrane, without joins or overlaps and 100% adherent to the surface.  

Application is simple and fast, producing excellent results. It can be applied manually, with a roller, squeegee, or air-less projection equipment. 

DESMOPOL is a hard wearing and resistant system ideal for areas of intensive use such as gardens, storage deposits, public municipal areas, damp zones of all types, etc.

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Desmopol properties


  • DESMOPOL is a highly elastic and wear-resistant membrane that, once applied, offers great stability, durability and waterproof certified (see ETA 10/0121)
  • Thanks to its versatility DESMOPOL adapts to any surface, making it the ideal product for application on uneven surfaces and in areas of any shape, whether curved or squared.
  • No surface reinforcement is required, only singular points of encounters with other building elements.(see ETA 10/0121)
  • Green roof application, certified according EN 13948( on ATE 10/0121)
  • DESMOPOL membrane can be applied in a only single layer (minimum thickness recommended 1,5 mm) by mixing with DESMOPLUS, this fact increases the execution speed and thus reduces the direct costs of application. With this system, do not use airless machine. Do not use this additive with temperatures above 25°C, or in any case, store the drums in cool and not sunny areas.
  • Applying DESMOPOL saves in seals and any other kind of joins, as the finish is uniform and makes up a single layer, providing a surface with optimum maintenance and cleaning properties.
  • The DESMOPOL polyurethane membrane system should be applied in dry conditions avoiding the presence of humidity or water coming from the surface to be coated or the substrate, whether at the time of application or subsequently (pressure from phreatic water level).
  • DESMOPOL is immune to temperature changes of between -40ºC and +80ºC, conserving its elastic properties.


Recommended thickness ± 2 mm ± 2 mm    
Dry time at 23ºC ± 5~6 hours ± 1~3 hours 
Elongation at break at 23ºC >650% >400% 
Tensile strength at 23ºC 2~3 MPa 5~7 MPa
Application methods By roll, brush or “airless” equipment By squeegee, brush or roll
Widespread systems ± 2~3 thin layers by roll or brush to achieve the recommended thickness Single layer to achieve the recommended thickness


  Black(special color)