DESMOPOL, the manual waterproofing system with the best quality-price ratio


DESMOPOL is one of those systems that when you try it for the first time you will be amazed at its ease of use, versatility, quality finishes and, above all, the results achieved. DESMOPOL it's a easy-to-apply single component polyurethane membrane.

DESMOPOL is a pure polyurethane elastomer that, following application, forms a continuous membrane, with no joins or overlapping, completely adhered to the surface, which gives it excellent waterproofing and airtight characteristics.



DESMOPOL is easy to apply, for several reasons. First of all, it is a single component product, with which it is simple to prepare: just open, stir gently and it is ready to go. Secondly, no special skills are required; the 5 steps we recommend are common to many of the other systems existing in the market and any experienced user who has previously carried out such applications will almost certainly be familiar with them.



The environmental conditions and those of the substrate must be suitable to ensure the system’s correct adherence:
  • Dry substrate (humidity below 8%)
  • Temperature above 3º C
  • No possibility of any filtrations from the rear side of the substrate


In general, sand or sand blast the surface, fill and seal expansion joints, fissures, hollows, cracks, etc. to achieve the flattest and smoothest possible surface, with no ridges or sharp edges that could damage the membrane. It is also extremely advisable to install coving around the joins of vertical surfaces. To ensure air-tightness, cut a horizontal recess at a height of approximately 20-25 cm around the entire perimeter.



The system   has a range of 3 primers and one or another should be used, depending on the type of substrate. A ll of them can be applied with a roller or airless equipment.

  • Rough surfaces: PRIMER PU-1050 (polyurethane), PRIMER PUc-1050 (low-temperature polyurethane) and PRIMER EPw-1070 (water-based epoxy).
  • Smooth surfaces: PRIMER EPw-1070.


There are 3 possible application methods:

  • Self-levelling in a single coat: By adding DESMOPOL ACELERADOR accelerator, the product may be applied in a single coat, achieving the necessary thickness and with no bubbles.
  • Manual application in several coats: Apply as many coats are required using a roller or brush until the desired thickness has been achieved.
  • Mechanical application: Use suitable airless equipment.
In any case a minimum thickness of 2 mm is recommended.


Given that it is an aromatic membrane, it needs to be protected from UV rays. For “exposed” finishes, protect with TECNOTOP aliphatic polyurethane resin. TECNOTOP is also useful for surfaces that need to be resistant to vehicle traffic and it is essential in the case of non-slip finishes and when waterproofing swimming pools, aquariums and ponds, etc.

There are two protective resins available:

  • TECNOTOP 2C, for roofs, terraces, industrial flooring, etc.

  • TECNOTOP 2CP, for swimming pools, aquariums, ponds, fountains, etc. 

It can be applied using a roller or airless equipment.