Cat�logo Tecnocoat P-2049

After developing the 100 % pure polyurea system  TECNOCOAT P-2049, Tecnopol Systems takes great pleasure in presenting the new catalog which exhibits the properties of this novel product the top of waterproofing products: this liquid bicomponent membrane has an exceptional properties for  waterproofing, resistance to abrasion, transit, high elongation and fast drying ,to the touch in only 4 seconds.
The polyurea is a projectable (sprayed)bicomponent membrane excellent for lining and coating, 100 % solid and not harmful to the environment, 100 % impermeable which protects the surfaces from oxidation or corrosion.
Due to its high adhesion on multiple substrates ,it has a secure and permanent union with the surface, keeping the surface free from oxidation or corrosion ,suitable for an anti-slipping finishing also could be pigmented in many colors. It is an extremely long lasting coating due to its mechanical properties and chemical qualities. This highly resistant lining tolerates damage that could be caused by different acids and alkaline chemicals,
as well as petroleum based products.  It has excellent performance and is bacterially stable, easy to clean and capable of sealing joints and corners.
All these characteristics make TECNOCOAT a reference in waterproofing, differentiating it clearly from all other products.

pdf Download here the catalog of the Polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049


Certificate for contact with potable water:

The certificate Applus for TECNOCOAT P - 2049 concludes that the material conforms, as for the analyzed parameters, to the requisites established in the Royal decree 140/2003. It is also noted that chemical reaction of the product is not observed to 20 ppm of chlorine, the product conforms with regard to this parameter to the requisites of the Royal decree 140/2003.


This document constitutes by definition a favorable technical evaluation of the suitability of a product for the use assigned, based on the compliance of the Essential Requisites for the applications in which the above mentioned product is used. TECNOCOAT P-2049 possesses the European certification ETA for a useful life of 25 years.