New R&D laboratory

nuevo laboratorio tecnopol

The refurbishment has led to a considerable extension of the existing facilities, doubling the surface area and bringing a series of advantages, including the physical separation of the R&D and Quality Control departments. This separation allows more accurate, thorough control of all products produced due to multiple improvements, such as better control of humidity and ambient temperature in the analysis area.

Another advantageous consequence of the expanded quality control department is a greater capacity for analysis, as the company's needs have increased as a result of its production growth.

On the other hand, a great advance derived from the refurbishment of the laboratory has been the expansion and modernisation of the R&D&I area of all the development lines, in particular reinforcing the polyurethane foam formulation area, which allows us to focus on the development of new high-performance foams, which include properties superior to those currently on the market.

The development, waterproofi ng and flooring lines have also been modernised with new equipment and facilities. In recent months, new products such as SETIPOL PU Hybrid, DESMOPLUS 700 and TECNOFLOOR STF 7020 have been developed, tested and launched. at the forefront of the market.

laboratorio Tecnopol

TECNOPOL's mission is the continuous improvement and development of new quality products, and has recently
made a signifi cant investment in the refurbishment of the R&D&I laboratories at the corporate headquarters, located in Les Franqueses del Vallès.

Laboratorio Tecnopol

It should be noted that the investment in the R&D&I department has not only focused on improving and increasing the work area, but has also been updated with the acquisition of advanced measurement and analysis equipment so that the research team can advance in its essential task of developing new products at the forefront of the market.