Technical Service and Tecnopol Academy

There is a new world of waterproofing to know, to share and to apply.

In an increasingly global, connected and digital world, it is essential to reach and share technical knowledge about everything that makes us improve projects from the planning phase to the execution phase, seeking excellence, not to deviate from our goal and budget; and last but not least, to make each work more sustainable than the previous one.

Tecnopol offers architects, engineers and all types of specifiers the technical service of the company, to collaborate and make known the many possibilities offered by the products and construction solutions of the brand. From this collaboration have arisen many case studies of reference works that by their complexity or specificity have made us grow as professionals and have served to improve existing products.

As we announced a few months ago, Tecnopol wants to take a step forward by actively applying itself to the training of professionals and specifiers, sharing with them the characteristics of the products, systems and machines with which we will carry out the different applications.

Tecnopol Academy is a reality and from the new corporate building of the company will be held face-to-face and distance courses for all those interested in advancing and deepening in the professional and cutting-edge world of waterproofing of any type of roof, building, infrastructure or existing space, whether internal or external, on the surface or underwater.

Tecnopol academy

There is a new world of waterproofing to be discovered, shared and applied, but to get there you need to go hand in hand with the professionals who have been developing products and solutions for more than fifteen years, continuously researching and innovating to make materials such as polyurea or polyurethane, essential elements in any type of project.

If you want to be informed about the next activities and training of Tecnopol Academy, please send us an email through our contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.