TECNOCOAT P-2049 obtains the ETA suitability certificate under guide 033 (bridge decks).

bridge deck tecnocoat

Water infiltration through road surfaces can seriously affect concrete bridge decks, creating damp, calcium carbonate deposits and even the appearance of rust leading to cracks and internal concrete breakages and disintegration.  .

The only valid option to avoid this damage and protect the structure of the boards is to provide effective waterproofing.   

The materials used for the waterproofing of bridge decks need to comply with the demands of impermeability, elasticity and durability, as well as having suitable and stable mechanical properties. Ideally they should also be physically and chemically compatible with other materials and be relatively easy to apply.   

The TECNOCOAT P-2049 polyurea system has recently passed all the tests conducted by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Science in accordance with the European Technical Assessment of waterproofing systems for bridge decks applied in liquid form according to guide 033 (ETAG 033), which certifies that it complies with the essential requirements in terms of resistance, mechanical stability, hygiene, health, the environment and safety of use, in conformity with European regulation 305/11.

eota approval