TECNOFLOOR T-3020. Now available in any colour starting with a single 25kg kit.

tecnofloor t-3020 1

The TECNOFLOOR T-3020 epoxy and 100% solid covering is available, in any quantity, in the base colours green, grey and red.  

If any other colour from the RAL spectrum is required (currently more than 200 available) a minimum order of 300kg will be necessary; this is the minimum quantity we can manufacture to order, and will take approximately 72 hours to produce from receipt of the order.    

Thanks to a new manufacturing process developed by our R+D department, TECNOFLOOR T-3020 is now available in any colour and quantity. For this purpose a new format in a neutral tint has been formulated to which the exact quantity of pigment will be added to produce the desired tone.    

The correct procedure for the preparation of the product is as follows:

tecnofloor t-3020 step by step