TECNOFOAM: polyurethane foam systems for projection & injection

Were presented polyurethane foam systems for projection and injection in thermal insulation applications : TECNOFOAM

Espuma de Poliuretano

Tecnopol company with an extensive background in these fields of application, presented through a new catalog, polyurethane application systems .more than 15 years of experience as specialists in creating all types of insulation systems based on the polyurethane foam. The high insulation capacity of polyurethane foam is not obteined with any other commonly used insulating materials in insulation sector.

In our range of insulation products, we have polyurethane foam systems for insulation of different densities and properties, thus we are able to offer a specific product for every need.

These polyurethane foam systems have been specially formulated to offer, plus of excellent thermal insulation, a physical and mechanical properties specific to each application.