TECNOFOAM wears green

Polyurethane Foam ECO

New green initiatives are discovered in our industry every day. There is an increasing demand for ecological building techniques and the field of construction is constantly searching for new green solutions in order to develop a more sustainable way of building.

TECNOFOAM’s line of foams provides one of these "ECO" solutions, which we will explain in this article. In order to reinforce its added value, starting in January 2017, water-based TECNOFOAM foams will be produced in the color green.

tecnofoam GREEN

There are various ECO advantages of our water-based foams for thermal insulation:

  • The blowing agent is water; the foam’s composition does not contain any gases that act as a blowing agent.
  • In accordance with European regulations for gas emissions, TECNOFOAM water-based foams do not emit any toxic gases during application or over the course of their useful life (once they have been applied).
  • Gases are not required to be captured for recycling and/or destruction, meaning that their removal does not require any sort of permit or special procedure.  
  • These systems are 100% recyclable, using mechanical means that are environmentally friendly.
  • They do not contain any substances that could damage the ozone layer and therefore do no contribute to the greenhouse effect (NO HFCs, HCFCs, VOCs, etc.).

This system has a continuous positive impact on the environment, since its "ECO" action is backed by the great energy savings it provides for construction that uses TECNOFOAM for thermal insulation.

Furthermore, these foams have invariable thermal conductivity, remaining constant throughout the product’s useful life, and thereby optimizing the system’s thermal insulation capacity.

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