Tecnopol collaborates in the construction of the Intempo building

The work on the emblematic building will be completed in July

Being a company specialized in the waterproofing of all types of surfaces means that we usually have to work on all types of roofs, but in the case of the emblematic Intempo building, carrying out the work at a height of 198 metres on a 47-floor building adds a special value to the work carried out.


The Intempo building is a special building for several reasons: it is the highest vertical residential resort in the European Union, it has 13,000 m2 of common areas, including the gym and wellness area on the 46th and 47th floors. The building consists of two parallel towers spaced 20 metres (66 feet) apart and connected by a cone-shaped structure between the 38th and 44th floors. It is one of the few skyscrapers in the world to have the shape of an arch.

Tecnopol has carried out the waterproofing of the terraces located at the top of the building (880 m2) and the waterproofing of the concrete roof (8,000 m2) using the EPw-1070 + P-2049 system.

Intempo tecnopol

The Intempo Sky Resort skyscraper, which leads the new skyline of Benidorm and is already part of the city's heritage, will finish its works in July thanks to the developer Uniq Residential and the construction company Dragados. Following the start of construction in November 2019, Uniq Residential has led the process of modernising, adapting and marketing the emblematic building, which has become the tallest residential skyscraper in the European Union, under the guidance of the architect Pérez-Guerras.

The building's iconic diamond, between the 38th and 45th floors, makes it a unique space, its particular geometry at the top of the building means that the flats increase in surface area as the height increases.

intempo building