Tecnopol in Latino America

The expansion of Tecnopol


In a global world, the ability to manufacture advanced, high-quality construction products is the best first step to take in achieving rapid expansion and internationalisation. After almost twenty-five years, Tecnopol is now present in five continents, and although its headquarters are based in Europe and the company is in a dominant market position there, that doesn’t make its presence less relevant in other areas of the world. 

Although the projects undertaken are important, as they are the final destination of the construction materials we manufacture, we wanted people to be the guiding principle of our story. Due to time and space we have only been able to collect the statements of a few professionals, but it is clear that the key to success in any project is based on continuous communication with distributors, architects, engineers, technicians and all the parties involved in the construction process.

Our objective is to continue showing Tecnopol's presence in the world and continue to explain those issues that 
affect us, such as the integration of sustainable aspects of different works.

Tecnopol in in Latin America

Normally we address practical case studies concerning the application of our own products or constructive solutions within a certain context. However, we wanted to highlight the synergy achieved with another company in the execution of this particular project. This is about Tecnopol's relationship with the company APV, a distributor in Chile. APV has been representing Tecnopol in the field of waterproofing systems since they incorporated their high-performance building materials division in 2014.

The alliance between the two companies is worthy of study because in the last six years they have carried out multiple varied and highly complex projects that have different construction requirements. Most interestingly, the company has a huge back catalogue of completed projects which is particularly valuable in Chile thanks to its extreme climates and environments. Furthermore, when we add the diversity of the projects and contracts into the mix, the result is a good sample of the quantity and quality of existing buildings in Chile.

Tecnopol in Chile

Specifically, we are talking about almost all possible types of existing buildings, from institutional buildings, shopping centres, residential complexes, innovation centres, temples of prayer, universities, or the emblematic Tupahue swimming pool in Providencia. Construction has been limited to two weeks. Considering that health reasons could easily have been used to prolong the "hibernation", a good part of the sector has managed to avoid the bulk of the impact of inactivity.

If you want to know more about APV you can do it following this link https://tecnopol.es/landings/tecnopol-chile-apv