The company Tecnopol Systems SL, formulator, distributor and marketer of products for insulation and waterproofing, is present in nearly twenty countries in the world.

Both polyurethane foam for insulation (injection and projection) as polyurethane membranes for waterproofing us the pure polyurea Tecnocoat P-2049, continuous coating liquid applied to digitized projection equipment are successful products in the areas of construction and industry coating and lining which now are widely accepted internationally.

Recent trade agreements with countries like Chile, Romania and Papua New Guinea, we secured in the world with our products and are for us support to our work and confidence in our products. 

The tecnopol product range of waterproofing is complete to cover both the area of ​​new construction or rehabilitation, as well as being useful in works of any size.




DESMOPOL Liquid polyurethane membranes are products which, once applied, could obtain a polymerized  elastic coating layer adhered, forming a completely waterproof polyurethane membrane resistant to. U.V. radiation and to climatic agents, ensuring the tightness of the support as roof.

The DESMOPOL system is compatible with most protections for passability, thus obtain or decorative coverings requirements or for more intensive use.
The product is a liquid material based on an one-component polyurethane pure elastomer produces a continuous, elastic membrane whose properties make it excellent for use in all types of surfaces.


 The pure polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 is a bi-component sprayable membrane, 100% solid ,waterproof , not harmful to the environment protects the surfaces from wear and corrosion.

Due to its high adhesion to multiple substrates allows a safe and permanent surface, free from rust or corrosion also in an anti-slip finishing , could be in many  colors.

It is an extremely durable coating due to its mechanical properties and its chemical qualities. This coating also highly resistant tolerate the damage that may result from different acids and alkaline chemicals or petroleum based products. It has excellent performance and is bacteriologically stable, easy to clean and capable of sealing joints and corners.
All these characteristics make P-2049 TECNOCOAT a reference of waterproofing , differentiating all products known to date.

TECNOCOAT P-2049 is projected with a high-pressure equipment of advanced technology, allowing the application of more than 1,000 m2 per day, with a curing time of 4 seconds and can be passable in minutes.


More than 15 years' experience as specialists in creating all types of insulation systems based on polyurethane foam. The high capacity polyurethane insulation is not obtained in the building from with any other commonly used insulating materials.

In our range of insulation products, we have polyurethane foam systems for projection different densities and properties, being able to offer a specific product for every need.

These systems of polyurethane foams have been specially formulated to provide, in addition to an excellent thermal insulation, physical-mechanical properties specific to each application.