Tecnopol invests two million in the expansion of its facilities

Edificio Tecnopol

The company is building a new training area for professionals, a large warehouse and an area for prescribers.

In Tecnopol this 2021, we are the Europe’s leading company focused on the manufacture of liquid membranes for waterproofing, and we are investing close to two million euros.

The main objective is the extension of our headquarter located in Les Franqueses del Vallès, through the construction of a building annexed to the actual installations. The new building will have three different areas, which the most the important about the volume and investment is a new 1,600m2 warehouse that will be finished and operational during the first quarter of 2021.                                              

Specifiers service

In an increasingly global and specialized world, have the adequate tools to conduct technical and commercial meetings with the specifiers of the constructions works, face to face or virtual way is more and more  important; therebefore our new building will have a multi-purpose with audiovisual equipment, a showroom with all the different lines of products of the company and a living-restaurant to continue the meetings in a more relaxed way.                       

Tecnopol Academy

Lastly but not least, we will launch a training program in the same building focused on the polyurea and polyurethane liquid membranes. In this new area called “Tecnopol Academy”, we will do all kind of courses related to provide information on the different construction solutions, the products, how to apply them, how to prescribe them and how to use the spraying equipment correctly.

We will adapt the training courses to the different kinds of professionals whom they are destinated: architects, engineers, applicators and distributors.

About Tecnopol

We are a chemical company founded in 1996 and focused on the development, formulation and manufacture of high technology and quality construction products. Currently, we hold multiple certifications such as ETE, BBA, DTA y ASTM. With presence through commercial allies in the 5 continents, we distribute our products in more than 60 countries. Our business model is based on innovation, development and service, and allows us to be leading international supplier, in a market where the demand of liquid waterproofing is growing steadily. Since 2018, Tecnopol has been part of the Italian multinational company, Mapei, which has another subsidiary in Spain, Mapei Spain.