Tecnopol sponsors a team in a solidarity rally in Morocco UNIRAID 2020

uniraid 2020 - 2021

As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of the company Tecnopol,it took place the sponsoring of one of the teams that participated in the last edition of the UNIRAID solidarity rally for Morocco last February.

The characteristics of this event are far from those of other strictly sporting events, as it brings together a number of values with the ones that Tecnopol aligns itself with, such as sport, effort, altruism and very especially solidarity.

To be able to participate in the rally, a series of requirements must be accomplished in order to make it a true unforgettable adventure for its participants. To begin with, all teams must be composed of students between 18 and 28 years old, compete with a car of more than twenty years old with two-wheel drive; and most importantly, provide a minimum of 40 kg of solidarity material. The aim is to provide resources for families and villages in the desert that need them, and to improve the quality of education in the region where the rally is taking place.

The team sponsored by Tecnopol and formed by Gerard Giménez and Marc García completed the itinerary set by the organization during nine days and six stages in the desert of Morocco with a 1994 Citroën AX that had to undergo a series of modifications; changing the suspensions and pneumatics, adding a roof rack and manufacturing a custom-made crankcase protector, in order to be able to support the adventure and the weight of the 117 kg of material that they brought along, including pencils, notebooks, books, clothes, etc.

The experience was very positive for all the participants and from Tecnopol we feel especially proud to contribute our small grain of sand to improve people's lives.