TECNOTOP 1C. A single-component aliphatic varnish designed for non-traffic areas.

Tecnotop 1C

TECNOTOP 1C is a single component aliphatic resin, tinted and with a gloss finish. We have formulated this new product for the coating, decoration and protection of floorings, as well as the protection of the TECNOCOAT and DESMOPOL aromatic waterproofing membranes.

One of the great advantages of this product is its quick initial drying to the touch, just 5 minutes, with the product ready for use for pedestrian traffic in 2-3 hours.  

TECNOTOP 1C is recommended for the protection of surfaces with light traffic or those used solely for maintenance purposes. For areas with more intensive use we would recommend its counterpart product TECNOTOP 2C. In either event our technical department is always available to offer guidance on the most suitable product depending on the intended use, surface and climate conditions.  

Once applied, the product forms a strong, flexible, continuous and completely adhesive film with mechanical properties that make it resistant to bad weather, extreme temperatures and UV rays.