Tensile strength test

A tensile strength test is one that demonstrates the properties of a material when subjected to traction forces. The aim is to establish the break point and the main mechanical properties of the material. In the field of waterproofing, knowing the properties of each product helps to establish their capacity to support the structural forces of the substrates to which they are applied.

The following is a brief comparison of TECNOCOAT with some of the other materials currently used for waterproofing:

  Sample Length (mm.) Sample
Thickness (mm.)
Elongation at break (%) Tensile strength  (MPa)
Pure Polyurea TECNOCOAT P-2049 10 1,2 370 27,2
Polyester fiber PVC 10 1,2 26 16,4
TPO 10 1,4 26 14,9
Hybrid Polyurea 10 1,8 150 11,4
EPDM 10 2,8 16 4,41
LBM 10 3,8 13 2,54


Elongación poliurea