The waterproofing of roofs, the key to the eco-efficiency of the building

Around the world and especially in the European Economic Community, technical building codes driven by technical building institutes and endorsed by governments, together with global strategies to reduce the impact of climate change, are driving a new method of architecture and building in a more eco-efficient and sustainable way. Waterproofing is an important part of achieving these objectives.

Sustainable roofs

The capacity for innovation has always been one of the keys to the success of Tecnopol’s materials and building systems. It may seem rhetorical to say that when you buy Tecnopol products and apply Tecnopol building systems you can be sure that they are safe, sanitary, environmentally friendly, sustainable and high-quality, but nothing could be further from the truth. Tecnopol's product and management system certifications provide the guarantees and confidence that all designers, distributors and applicators are looking for.

And if we mention sustainability, there are many examples, from green roofs waterproofed by Tecnopol's constructive solutions, to all types of roofs, flat and sloping, in all types of climatic conditions and locations. In very demanding infrastructures such as the water tank of a hydraulic installation, or a route under the duress of the continuous passage of people or vehicular traffic, as would be the case of a car park.

green roof

The key is to properly integrate the materials into each project, making sure they are used correctly, following specifications, consulting Tecnopol's technical office and remaining aware of the appropriate certifications for each product at all times. The global challenge is to improve on building, and to do so sustainably throughout all project phases while  taking into account the increasingly widespread concepts of the so-called circular economy.